American Legion Baseball

Stadium Seating

There were approximately 400 stadium seats placed in Kearney's Memorial Stadium in 2009.  Since there will be limited amount of seats available for sponsorship, seat sponsorships will be sold on first come basis.  Seat locations and sponsorship categories will be as listed below  in the diagram.  All seats will have 1.5 by 4.0 inch sponsor placard attached to it that will identify the sponsors and the sponsor placard will remain on the seat for the life of the chair.  Placement of sponsor placards identifying sponsors will be determined by the Memorial Park Seating Committee. 

Cost of sponsorships will be $150.00 per chair.

Sponsors are considered donations to the ballpark and sponsors will not have any other rights to the chair such as reserved seating or free admission into the ballpark for future events.

Seating Layout